Tuesday, February 10, 2009

These little guys were connected so cute
cool huh

Balloon Fiesta

We got the chance to go to New Mexico before Pam moved and see the famous Balloon fiesta. It was crazy the balloons we saw. This one was one of the kids fav's that and darthvader. There were thousands of people there we got there at 7 and missed the first launch if you want to see the first one you have to be there at 6 a little to early for my kids but we loved it.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I dont want to turn one

This is Deiderik not happy to be turning one!! He didn't want to touch his cake and didn't want to eat it either. We did get him to stop crying and finally try to eat his cake it was very funny.
This is what he looked like before we cooked him..sorry pall you just taste too good..

Holy Lobster Batman

Can we say holy lobster batman!! This big guy was given to us by a friend who received two from a client who wanted to thank him for some work so they sent him two huge lobsters fresh from Main...and we got to cook him. He came live. So we stuck him in our little kiddie pool with salt in it. We didn't know how to cook him so we called our mom's and got the scoop. It sure was yummy so much we couldn't eat it all so we shared with the family. Paxton was a little scared at first but he gave in and ate him with us!!